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You can back up your files directly to our servers over the Internet.  We are linked to the internet backbone with a high speed fiber connection which gives you extremely fast access to your data.  As our business grows, we will even increase data transfer rate to our servers in the near future.
We will provide you with the necessary software that you need to back up your data fast, secure or even hands-free.


Your advantages:

Storing your data regularly AND offsite prevents you from loosing them.

You can save your files from anywhere and anytime.

You can access your files in the same flexible way if you wish.

The security of your data and the security of your business increases tremendously.

YOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY compared to traditional backup techniques.

You decide,

how long you want to have your files available remotely,

whether you want the data sent to you on CD or other media,

if we should store your old data at our site.

Additional security that we provide:

Encryption with our software makes  your data unaccessible for anybody else than you. 

Our servers are backed up with uninterruptible battery power and for the case of a longer lasting power failure, auxiliary fuel-powered generators take over.

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